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Custom Homes

There is, quite simply, no substitute for quality. From the drawing board to the final stages of new home construction, unmistakable distinctive quality goes into every home we build. Because AAA Development never forgets that there is no imitation, gloss or superlative that can match the persuasive truth of quality. Working closely with our customers,


  • There are a few phases of the construction process.  Please see Our Process section to get a better understanding of these phases.

  • The finest products, systems and technology go into every AAA Development home. The result is a better constructed, healthier, safer residence requiring far less maintenance. Please see our Points of Construction document to see more about how we make this happen: Our Process

  • AAA Development has been building “Green” for over 10 years by using products that we knew would last and by always being on the frontier of new building technologies. 

Please contact us today for more information about how AAA Development can help you build your dream home in Ventura, Santa Barbara and surrounding Los Angeles counties. 

Create your dream custom home.
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