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Prepping Your Kitchen For a Remodel

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

If you’re about to start a kitchen remodel it can seem like an overwhelming task to prepare your space.

Before you start construction, you need an action plan for where to keep everything that were in your cupboards and pantry. That way you can function while you renovate. You’ll want to know what you’ll do with the items you tear out (cupboards, counter tops, etc.). Lastly, you need a plan b for eating. Having these items figured out will keep you and your family happier throughout the construction process.

Kitchen from AAA Development Project, Covered Bridge

Deciding Where to Put Your Stuff

So where do you put the stuff in your cupboards? The answer will really depend on your house and where you have space. Think about which items from your kitchen you use every day, like a coffee pot and place it somewhere it’s easily accessible during your renovation. Lack of caffeine can make renovations harder!

Pantry from AAA Development Project, Hidden Hills House

What to Do with Your Old Kitchen

Next you need to decide what you are going to do with the items you tear out of your kitchen. At AAA Development we help our clients through this process with demolition debris removal and donating salvageable items on their behalf.

If there are specific fixtures, hardware or décor you plan on keeping it’s best to communicate your construction team during the design process before any demolition begins. This will also ensure those items are carefully removed and saved. This is a best practice to avoid any accidents.

Eating Without a Kitchen

Now the big question- how are you going to eat without a kitchen? If your design happens to keep your fridge and stove in the same place that an easier transition. If you’re doing a more custom kitchen you’ll want to utilize an outdoor or spare fridge if you have one, if not there are services available that allow you to rent appliances temporary. Search your zip code for vendors closest to you. Also, planning meals for your temporary kitchen will help with the stress of renovating.

At this point in the renovation process you have come up with a plan for prepping and living in your space during the construction phase. Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling we hope that you feel more at ease and prepared.

Kitchen, Living Room & Breakfast Nook from AAA Development Project, Hidden Hills House


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